About association

Lithuanian technical insulation contractors association (LTICA) was established on May 11th, 2005. This association reprezents technical insulation contractors and also merchandisers in Lithuania.  At this time LTICA unites 5 Lithuanian companies and is member of Lithuania District Heating Association (LDHA) and also of European Federation of Associations of Insulation Companies (FESI).

Association consults regarding insulation (hot and cold, acoustic, passive fire protection) installation, scaffolding installation, refractory, asbestos removal issues.  While having any questions, please contact us at the given contacts. 

Associatin's goals:

- To represent interests of Association members and to protect them in state institutions, public organizations, and also outside the country;
- To share information, received from other Lithuanian and European asociations about latest technologies in fields of technical insulation, building insulation which can significantly reduce heat loses and harmful wastes access to the environment.  

Association's tasks:

- To submit proposals for government of Republic of Lithuania and senior management regarding activity, associated with thechnical insulation; 
- To develope projects for support from European Union structural funds;
- To exchange information and experience;
- To analyse market of insulation works;
- To develope training programs for specialists and qualified workers; 
- To consult members of Association, to give them methodical help; 
- To establish and develop relationships with international organizations.